SuperPRO Fan Speed Controller!


SPEED-B1 is a temperature controller, which automatically increases or decreases the power of the fan (misdirected warm air) depending on the temperature.

The user sets the desired temperature, and the behavior of the ventilation at a lower temperature. Built-in photocell offers several options for response to temperature change during the dark period through off function "LOW-TEMP". When the photocell is activated in the upper right corner of the housing indicator lights "DAYTTIME".

WARNING: The controller is not waterproof. Install only in places where there is no danger of getting wet.



Turn SPEED-B1 in standard contact 220-240V. For permanent installation can be used tab at the top of the hull.

Make sure that the fan allows management through power control and that its consumption does not exceed the maximum load of the controller (6 A, 1300 W).

WARNING: The fan must run with sufficient power (speed) to stops and blocks. Motor to which electricity is supplied without rotation, will overheat, it will burn and burn and controller. If the fan rotates effort and / or uncharacteristic noise / vibration, immediately increase the setting of the minimum speed ("IDLE SPEED")

SETTING low temperature behaviour

The user can choose whether to set the fan to operate at minimum speed ("IDLE SPEED") or stopping. When the temperature drops below the set 5ºC, the fan can be stopped completely (to avoid excessively low temperatures) or to continue working on the set minimum speed. Behavior at low temperature can be in three modes:

Continuous mode minimum speed: Turn the controller to power. Network and turn both knobs fully left. After a few seconds the lights will begin to flash and then remain lit only red light.

Off at low temperature at night: Turn the controller to power. Network and turn both knobs fully right. After a few seconds the lights will begin to flash and then remain lit only yellow indicator.

Off at low temperature regardless of lighting: Turn the controller to power. Network and turn knobs for temperature all the way to the left and switch to minimum speed - all the way to the right. After a few seconds the lights will begin to flash and then remain lit both LEDs.


Select the desired temperature by turning the left mouse button. Set the minimum speed. When rise above this value, the fan will run at 100%. Upon lowering the temperature, the controller will deliver current according to the selected mode (see above). When submitting a current indicator light will "OUTPUT ON"



How do I know if the photocell works?
Photocell function with 30-second delay to prevent accidental includes a light flash. The green indicator "DAYTIME" right to housing will glow when the photocell is in day mode.

Can I connect more than one fan to the timer?
NO, the controller is designed to drive single fan.

The temperature in the room does not match the setting ...
The temperature sensor is located at the bottom of the housing, enclosed by a plastic "cell". Check whether the controller is not affected by other devices, direct sunlight, and has access to the same air.

The timer does not supply electricity ...
Please make sure the timer is fed electricity. If the timer does not work, contact your dealer.

Flashing quickly ...
The controller was overloaded. Off the power. Network 15 seconds. and on again. (Red and yellow LED flash when the mode is not a signal overload).



Packing List:

1 x SuperPRO SPEED-B1

SKU Superpro_FSC
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