Filtaroo Brand Carbon Filter 4"

Australian Virgin Caron. Removes 99.99% ordor

Activated carbon is commonly used for odour control as it has an amazing ability to adsorb contaminants from a variety of waste streams. Carbons can also be impregnated with a range of other chemicals which help increase the removal efficiency of certain compounds, for example, caustic impregnated activated carbon works very well on H2S and mercaptans in moist air streams generated from hydroponic grow room and dark room.

Fresh Air Activated Carbon Filter is for the control of odor problems in your grow room

Connect a Fresh Air Carbon Filter to your exhaust fan

and all of your bad odors will be absorbed continually for 2 years or more.

Air flows evenly across the carbon and with accelerated kinetics and increased surface area.  Our Carbon Filters have faster adsorption rates, which mean better results than most other carbon filters.  Easy to set-up and requires no electricity. A Carbon Filter removes any and all airborne smells associated with your crop. Basically to get rid of all smells from your crop you suspend a carbon filter from the ceiling (with chains) and attach to the intake of your extractor fan. The air is then drawn through your carbon filter which absorbs ALL the smell before being extracted outside.  Simply and 100% effective.



  • 4" Flange x 150mm height
  • Airflow allowance upto 200m3/hr  or 120CFM 
  • Upto Tent Size 2m3      
  • Activated carbon charcoal filter
  • Maintenance free design
  • Safe and effective operation
  • Pre-filter included


4 inch (100mm) Inline Centrifugal Fan/Duct Fan

The Centrifugal Fan with jacket, not only looks beautiful, but also greatly reduce the noise.

Superior air & sound performance!

This 4" Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan features high power motor and an aerodynamically designed shape. It is able to move air through long stretches of ducting, grow light reflectors or carbon filters. With a tape flange, it is rather convenient for you to place the ducting on the blower and tape it in place.

Exchange stale air with fresh air to keep temperature or humidity under control and cool your reflector with this top-quality blower!



  • Powerful and efficient performance - 2550 RPM 
  • Dimension= 4inch (100mm) 
  • Noise DB=47
  • Power=68W
  • Brand new in box ready to be operated upon arrival
  • High performances & static pressure to overcome the resistance caused by long ducting
  • Backward curved impeller to ensure quite operation possible
  • Moisture resistant - great for use in damp environment
  • Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up
  • Solid metal construction with powder coated housing
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications


4 inch (100mm) x 6m 3ply Ducting 

Heavy duty alum, 

3ply: Alum-PET-Alum


High Quality Aluminum CONSTRUCTION


Aluminum Silver Ducting Fan Duct The worm drive allows for easy adjustment of the heavy duty mechanism so loosening and tightening can be done with the simple twist of a screwdriver.

Aluminum construction for long time performance, total flexibility and heat exhaust capabilities.

Used for connecting exhaust blowers to air cooled grow lights and venting

Allowing cut to the length you want, easy to work with!



  • Dimension: 4" Diameter x 6 Meters Long
  • Minimum echoes possible
  • Self-supporting, leaking proof & corrosion resistant
  • Completely flexible ducting for routine exhausting
  • Reinforced double-layer aluminum foil construction
  • Ideal for HVAC, bath and general ventilating applications



Noise Reducer 4"


  • Soft rubber and thick Steel construction collar
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures long life
  • Adjustable clamp decreases noise caused by vibration
  • Commonly used to secure fans and ducts in connection
  • Also helps reduce noise generated from fans


Packing Includes:


1x   4" Ducting x 6 meter

1x   4" Carbon Filter

1x   4" Noise Reducer Clamp

1x   Silver Duct Tape 48mm x 25 meter



SKU Combo_4VT_CT
Barcode # 880928661633
Brand Growlush
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg

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